Thursday, 9 July 2015

Gym, what to do when it all gets just too boring

Well, the gym is going, but to be honest I am doing the bare minimum that i feel I can get away with.  We have a minimum target every month to hit in the gym, the first few months I was trashing that target, now, meh, if I hit it I am happy.

The calm before the storm
I need something else to shake me up.

So, I thought about what I want from the gym.

Do I want to be super skinny?  NO
Change direction then

Do I want to be fit? YES
Is there a reason I want to be fit? YES
Whats the reason? The Shannon boat journey next year

Next year the Vikings are hoping to row down the river Shannon, I want to be part of that.  It will mean daily rowing for at least a week, possibly ten days.

I want to be fit for that.

So I thought, how can I do that?

The obvious answer was starting to row more, but with tides etc rowing isnt always practical.

So the rowing machine it is.

I started only being able to do 500metres before I got sore, I have worked my way up to 1000 X2, (I have a break of two mins in between)

I want to keep working on this so that I can manage to row for at least an hour without getting sore and tired, so far its about ten mins, so I have a way to go.

However I have found that I work better if I am training for something.  Now I know in my head why I am going to the gym, I feel better about it.

I am focused on an end result, not simply cycling away for nothing.

How do you train?  Do you train for a purpose?  Or are you a lucky one who actually enjoys the gym?

Well well well

Its been a super long time from I have been here, whats been happening?

Well I have been busy with Viking stuff, you know me, I love my Vikings!

Holidays?  Yes me and R were away to Majorca and it was luvly.  Pics to follow, and a wee post about that!

Gym?  Well yes, I am still going, but really hit a standstill, so have shook myself up a little and am trying something new post to follow about that too (if you are interested)

Coming up....Vikings next weekend, Sunflowerfest at the end of the month, more Vikings next month (a week long summer scheme), more holidays to Majorca next month, followed by more gym work, before yet another holiday in October.

I know I seem to go away a lot and I will explain that simply, I go cheap!!