Friday, 31 May 2013

May 31 2013

HI all, I am back

Just like the proverbial bad penny I turned up again.

I have an exam on Monday.  An actual exam, where I need to go into a hall, and sit at a desk and write WRITE for three hours!!

I am too old for this!!

I have to study all weekend, as I leave everything to the last minute.


On the other hand I have not eaten bread since Tuesday...

Thursday, 30 May 2013

May 30 2013

This is getting harder and harder to find the time to do.  I enjoy it, its fun getting a few of my thoughts and feelings down on paper so to speak, but the timing is an issue.

I will have to suck it up and just find the time.

I have been going to the gym again...whats that I hear you say.  I big surprise at all is there?  I still don't love it, but I do it.

This weekend was a busy one.  Spin twice on Saturday, Spin and Pump on Sunday.  Monday was an hour of one on one time with a trainer, Tuesday I had off.  Wednesday was Zumba and Kettlebells.  Today I am off.  Friday will be Tabata Circuits with spin. wrecks me just typing it!!!

I lost another 2lb this week. 

Its coming off slowly.

I have also decided (on the express instructions from the trainer at the gym) to stop eating bread.  Three days down and so far so good.  But I am SICK of salad for lunch.  I need to get to the shops and buy different things to eat!!

Work beckons so talk soon :-)

Friday, 24 May 2013

May 24 2013

So, I said I would post some pics from The Big Reunion concert, and here they are :-)
Atomic Kitten

Kerry Katona from Atomic Kitten

Liberty X




Everyone, singing "Whole Again"

That is a taste of the concert, obviously I took loads more.  In fact I took about 180 pics, but nobody wants to see that many!!

I started back to the gym again yesterday too, kinda sore this morning..but that is just the way it is going to go!

Gym again tonight, for circuits, then tomoro for spin, and Sunday for Pump and spin....Monday I get "beasted" (learn my new programme) and then Tuesday morning I get weighed again...what a wonderful life!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May 21 2013

So, it was my birthday on Saturday, so since Thursday I have celebrated by doing nothing except eating, drinking and having fun.

It was great...but the waistband of my work trousers doesn't think it is so great...I put on 2lb this week...bad Tina!!

I have been to two concerts, the cinema and eaten out three times in that space of time.  And I have practically singlehandedly finished off a chocolate and peanut butter cake. was worth it!

We went to the Lord Mayors Party and watched Duke Special, Katie and the Carnival and A Plastic Rose, as well as another girl who was on The Voice last year (sorry, I cannot remember her name, it may be Jessica)
This is Jessica
A Plastic Rose
Katie Richardson from Katie and the Carnival
Katie and the Carnival
Duke Special, with Ben Castle on sax

These are all local, Northern Ireland musicians, and they are brilliant!!

I also went to the big reunion concert in Belfast and will post those pics another time.

On another note, I haven't been to the gym since Thursday, not going today either, have to go tomoro!!

Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

May 15 2013

Today was another day at the gym. Leg workout. Then step and tone class. Then this afternoon I did a yoga class.

It's hard work.

And it makes me so hungry.

I need to keep working at it. I need to work harder if anything.

I wanna be fit. I am getting there. But it's slow. I am seeing results. It's not much compared to others maybe but I am getting there.

I want to be the person that can run up the stairs without getting out of breath. I wanna be the one that can dance around. I wanna be the one who can out distance everyone else.

At the minute I am not there. I have so far to go. But I need help. I need encouragement.

If u can help please message me. Comment. Encourage.

Thank you

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

May 14 2013

Again with the sorries.

If I were you I just wouldn't forgive me.

I am sorry tho, I just get so tired with going to work and the gym that the last thing I have wanted to do was write a blog post, even an itty bitty small one like I usuallly do.

I have done a few things since I was here last so this can be a multi recap of it all!!

I went to Festival of Fools in Belfast and took a few pics. 

What do you think?

It really was a lot of fun.  I hope the pictures show that!!

I also went to a comedy club with my friend and R.  It was okay, but they weren't much to write home about.

Tonight I am going to watch a play called Diablo.  It is being put on by an organisation called No More Traffic.  They are campaigning to bring human trafficking to the forefront of everyone's minds.  It is not okay.  It is happening on your street.  EVERYONE needs to do more about it.

Okay, lecture over :-)

I have also been going to the gym a lot.  No surprise there.  I lost 2lb, gained it back and lost it again.  I dunno...the weight is coming off, just very slowly.  I need to change my eating habits now that I have changed my exercise habits, hopefully that will encourage things a bit more on the right direction!!

I missed you all.  I hope you missed me :-)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

May 2 2013

Sorry for neglecting you again random peeps who read my little outlook on my world.

This dang gym thing has been comsuming me and I havenm't had time for much else.

Me and R went to see a play on Tuesday evening called "Love, Billy".  It is a play set in Belfast, Northern Ireland and was FUNNY!!

It is a follow up on a series of plays that was on the BBC way back in 82-84 featuring Kenneth Brannagh.  This was on in the gorgeous Lyric Theatre in Belfast and featured Joe McGann.

And I realised this is probably too many links, but sure, its done now!!

The gym work, as I said, is consuming me.  Its pretty much all I think about.  It is hard!!

I have been working 5 or 6 days a week at the gym, and my body aches now.  I am taking a night off tonight tho.  And having a take out Indian meal!

Since January I have lost 2st in weight.  People are starting to notice now.  Today one of the girls in work stopped me to say how glamorous I was looking and how well I was looking.  Yesterday some of the other girls commented how they could see the weight coming off.  And on Saturday my friend told me she was jealous that I had lost weight and looked so good.

I am, not there yet, believe me, I still have A LOT of weight to loose (about another 5 or 6 stone)  I am WAY too overweight and this year I am determined to lose it.

If you have any tips or advice I would love to hear it.  Have you a tale to tell of how you lost weight?  Anything I should try that works?  Even just some encouragement would be welcomed.

Its hard work.  Some days I just don't want to do it.  It is so much easier to lie on the couch eating and drinking, but that isn't healthy for me.  I want to be fit and able to do things instead of being too tired and unfit to do anything.

This year is my year. 

I will do it.

I am doing it.