Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April 29 2013

I went to circuits after work today with a girl from work.

When was the last time u skipped? I think I last skipped at school. But I was skipping in circuits. I was also sprinting. And jogging. And stepping. And doing sit-ups with a medicine ball. And sweating. A lot.

It was sore. I can't lie. I hated it. But I kinda luved it too. It feels like I worked so hard. I can't wait to go again.

Does that make me weird?

Monday, 29 April 2013

April 28 2013

Went to see Passenger. Wow. Great show.

He chatted to the crowd, getting everyone in stitches. He sang all the songs we wanted him to sing. He got the crowd clapping and singing along.

He was brilliant.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

April 27 2013

Belfast turned 400 today. So we celebrated with cocktails and pulled pork rolls and watched some bikers, skaters and skateboarders on a eight foot half pipe.

Like you do.

Friday, 26 April 2013

April 26 2013

This is why ppl get divorced. This is why couples split up. Lack of communication. No talking. Huffing. Not following thru. Not doing what you say ur going to do.

I wanna scream.

I will however not do that. I will try to reopen communication and get things sorted.

It's not at the divorce stage but I can see how it would get there.

Sorry for missing yesterday. Hope u didn't miss me. I went to the gym after work. When I came home I was just too tired to play nice and put something up on here.

I went to the gym again tonight. I am starting to feel like all I do is go to work and go to the gym. Not quite sure where I actually live!

Work is busy. And then I go to the gym.

I work hard in both places.

To be honest I feel like I am getting nowhere with both of them. It's a slow slow progression. Theoretically I know I am moving forward. But it's not a quick progress.

Talk soon.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

April 24 2013

Was out tonight at Duke Special. Wow what a night. He is so good live. My ears are ringing. My legs are sore. My throat is on fire.

What a night!

Ben Castle played. I kinda luv that guy!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April 23 2013

What a day

I was off work, still, since I am still sick. I went to my weighin anyway. The biggest loser has its weighin every Monday and I missed yesterday.

Today I went and had lost 6lb. In a week! All that extra cardio is obviously doing me some good.

I am so annoyed that I am sick tho as it means I won't get to the gym much this week. I am just not strong enough for it! Maybe Thursday!

R is working late tonight. That's never a good thing. I miss him. Sad and corny I know but true!

What has happened to u today? Have u had a good one?

Monday, 22 April 2013

April 22 2013

It's hard to find something great about today. It started with sleeping in, continued with getting shouted at and ended with me being sick.

Doesn't sound like a good day, does it?

However I have learned that even the darkest of days has a glimmer of light. R was so good to me today. He brought me water. Looked after me. Stayed quiet so as not to annoy me. Everything is annoying me this evening. Even his breathing!

Baby girl made dinner. Not that I had any but she made it anyway. Then she told me to go into my room and close the door. She didn't want to get sick too!

I don't get sick often but when I do it's kinda violent. Short lasting, usually only 24 hours at most. But projectile!

Today is no exception on that latter count anyway! Been sick now since half four. I had to leave work early, which I hate doing. I walked home as quick as I could, hoping I wouldn't vomit on the way!

I was lucky. I made it home first.

Lying in bed now. Trips to the bathroom my only outing. I hope I feel better in the morning but it doesn't feel finished yet.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

April 21 2013

Today I had decided to go to pump class. I checked the gym timetable for when it started, got there on time to discover the timetable was wrong and the class was nearly over. :-(

I did a workout in the gym anyway but my heart wasn't in it.

I came home, pottered about the house. Baby girl made sandwiches for lunch. Then we went to the cinema to watch The great and powerful Oz. I think they both enjoyed it. I had seen it before.

Then home again. I made dinner we ate at the table together, as we usually do. R cleaned up and we watched a bit of TV before bed.

Do u eat dinner together at the table? Do u eat as a family or does everyone do their own thing?

I like that we eat together. We chat about our day. We consider the pit and the peak and share things that have happened.

It's nice to know we have this time to talk.

I have always tried to have family time at the dinner table. It encouraged baby girl to eat properly when she was younger. Making it easier for her to eat in restaurants too.

It always made time that she knew we could talk without TV interruptions. I would listen to her tales about school. She would listen to my tales about work. Now R joins in telling stories and sharing tales about his day.

It's an important part of our day.

If u don't do it yet, give it a try. Your family will luv it. Eventually.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

April 20 2013

First off sorry for missing yesterday. I was in Donegal and had no Internet access.

It was a luvly overnight trip with my friend and her two boys.

We stayed in a caravan in the middle of nowhere, up a mountain. It was chilly but warm at the same time.

We went to the beach and walked on the sand. We played in the kiddies play park. We played pool in a little Donegal bar

It was brilliant.

But I missed R. It's our first night apart since we got married.

I missed baby girl too.

But I am home now. It's good to be home.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

April 18 2013

Gym again today. I am really pushing my cardio. Trying to anyway.

I did 10 mins on the bike. 30 mins on machines and free weights. 12 mins on the crosstrainer. 5 mins on the stepper. 10 mins on the treadmill.

I was kinda tired after.

My wee bro works as a trainer and looked over my programme. He says it is ok.

He is staying in my house tonight and tomoro. I am going to Donegal tomoro so will have to do my blog before I go. Or when I come home. Do u mind if its late? Does anyone even read this?

I packed my bag for Donegal. It's a carry on size rucksack. And it's full! For one night! All cos I need to bring a dressing gown!

It's gonna be my first night away from R since we got married. In fact my first night away from him in three years. :-(

Do u spend nights away from ur partner?

How do u cope?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

April 17 2013

Second yogalates class tonight. Felt slightly more into it and less like I was pretending. I still can't do half the poses correctly but I think that's because of my boobs. Dang but they get in the way of my forehead touching my knees!

It also feels a bit weird I wasn't at the gym. I kinda miss the workout but I was there yesterday and will be there again tomoro.

I can feel my legs getting stronger/more stretched. I am not quite sure what but they feel different. My thighs especially.

My tummy muscles are sore tonight too. The legs in air and lowering toward the ground kills my abs. I need to do more work on them!

Today was a good day tho.

I am healthy and getting healthier.

Plus we went for cupcakes at lunchtime. The Tea Boutique NI make the most delicious cupcakes. Look them up on Facebook.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

April 16 2013

I am so tired tonight. I went to the gym again today and having decided I really want to go for it during this biggest loser time I upped my weights, and my time on bike, crosstrainer and treadmill. Only to 11 mins each but the difference is really being felt in my muscles tonight!

I just want to win. Is that so bad.

But I also want to eat chips and chicken goujons! So I did!

Just don't tell the girls at the gym haha.

I went to my tutorial today too for my last assignment before the exam. I still don't like the course. But sure I will finish it!

Baby girl is away out again. She is becoming a real party animal. But she'd is only young. So that's the way she should be!

Monday, 15 April 2013

April 15 2013

I went to the gym after work. I have lost another five lbs. that's pretty good going.

This weight loss thing is going slowly,but it is coming off. It's hard work tho. I slog my guts out when I go to the gym and come home sweaty and sore.

I am up to 30 mins cardio and 30 mins weights now.

Considering when I started I couldn't do 10 mins cardio I am doing okay.

I wanna push myself more now. I wannabe doing 45 cardio by the end of next week.

Two weeks for an additional 15 mins. 5 mins extra on each of the bike, crosstrainer and treadmill. I think I can do it. It will be sore tho.

I entered the biggest loser in my gym I want to win.

But it is a win/win thing anyway.

If I win the competition that's great.

If I don't win I will still have lost weight so that's great too.

I am tired tonight tho.

Early night I feel.

Catch u on the flip side.

April 14 2013

It was sunny today. It wasn't warm. But at least the sun was out. It was so good to see it.

R was teaching archery today. I went with him. Then we did some grocery shopping. Then we came home. He cleaned up the kitchen. I cleaned up the living room and hall. Then I made dinner.

After dinner we watched Dr Who.

Then it was bedtime.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

April 13 2013

Have u ever had a day that just feels good? You had nothing to do but still managed to get loads done?

Well today I had one of those days.

I was at the gym early today and worked out hard. Then I went food shopping. I bought a new pair of jeans for myself. R came home and we went second hand shopping. But didn't buy anything. Then we visited his parents. We came home. I made dinner. R put the new curtains up in the living room. We had dinner with baby girl. We had cake. With cream. And custard. Then we watched some TV. Now it's bedtime. Not bad for a day when I thought I had nothing to do!

April 12 2013

Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street

That is all


Thursday, 11 April 2013

April 11 2013

Baby girl is home. Baby girl is home.


I missed her.

She had fun tho. So that's good.

She painted my nails with the cutest cupcakes.

Its cold tonight. I am snuggled up in bed. But it's still cold.

I went to the gym after work today. Things are starting to get easier there. Which means its time for my programme to get changed. I don't want it to change tho.

But change is good. Things can't get better without change. And every time my programme changes in the gym it shows I am getting a little bit fitter. Eventually I will be fit. But I am not there yet.

Have u kept up ur New Years resolution?

I made two. To go to the gym. And to do this blog. I am super proud of me for keeping both of them up.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

April 10 2013

I went to yogalates tonight.

It was good. But I am not sure I am doing it right.

R was at archery. So he was home late.

Baby girl is out. As usual.

Home alone!

Guess what I did? Made dinner and watched TV!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

April 9 2013

Gym again today. I want to start doing more cardio. I want to get fitter. To me that means doing more cardio. I think I am going to do alternating cardio one day and normal gym the next.

I got my assignment result today. 75%. I was a little disappointed but since I didn't work that hard I have no call to be upset about it!

What else? I made an application to volunteer at Sunflowerfest this year. Hopefully they will take me. But either way I will be going!

Baby girl went to her cousins house.

R worked late.

I was home alone. It's kinda great cos it means I get to watch all my programmes. :-)

Four hours of Australian Masterchef!

That's my kinda night!

April 8 2013

The best things in life aren't things

They are people

Or events


Moments in time


These are the important things

These are the things we look back on in our older years. The times we had fun. The people that made us happy. The music that made us dance.

Enjoy today. There won't be another today. Tomorrow will be different.

Today I worked. I caught up with friends in the office. I went to the gym. I had dinner with my daughter and my husband. All perfectly ordinary things. But even if I go the same things tomorrow it won't be the same. Things change. Situations change.

Make the most of today.

Tomorrow is gonna be different. Embrace it. None of us know how many tomorrows we will get.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

April 7 2013

Home. Home. Home.

It really feels good to be back. I missed baby girl. I missed my own things. I missed my bed.

It's great to be away but coming home feels wonderful.

We went to a gig this evening. David Ford. A singer songwriter from England. He is kinda great. He had two support acts. Emily Grove from New Jersey and Jarod Dickinson from Texas. They were pretty good too.

Overall the gig was amazing and R bought me two new CDs. :-)

I am spoiled.

Have u heard any live music recently? I luv it.

April 6 2013

Today we went to a safari park. We left around 11am. So by the time we got there we wanted to see stuff before we ate.

We drove through the deer and bison enclosure first. There were some big horned deer there and bison are BIG!

Then it was time to go through the lions. As we had paid to come into the park we heard the girl on the checking desk tell us how someone had got out of their car and walked about with the lions. We all laughed. Thinking why would you do that. As we were driving into the lion enclosure I kinda saw why someone would wanna get out. Lions were just lying around enjoying the sun like big pussy cats. They were sleepy looking. And cute beyond all belief!

We drove on, past the camels. There was supposed to be rhino but we didn't see any. :-(

We got out of the car then and dandered round a bit. We saw the elephants, the zebra, the giraffes and then the lemurs. Those are some cute, soft furred creatures! A few of them came over to get cuddles!

Then we went on a boat ride round a chimp island. Five chimps, one male and four female. All fighting when we got there! The boat captain told us how they only feed the chimps a vegetarian diet but the chimps will kill any ducks or other birds that land on their island. Eeeeekkk

We walked back to the car at this point and had a picnic lunch.

Then more exploring. We saw more lemurs, river otters that for some reason followed me about, meerkats, then we bought a cupful of pellets and went and fed some chickens, pigs, llamas, miniature goats and donkeys and some ugly looking turkeys!

We saw a seal lion show and that was the safari park done and dusted!

Then we drove to Stirling castle. It was closed but we got to look around outside.

It was a great day.

I hope your day was even half as good. Cos then it would have been great.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

April 5 2013

What a day!

We went into Edinburgh today. We walked up and down Princes Street, the Royal Mile, to the castle, down to and along Grassmarket and Roses Street. Plus the journey to and from the train station.

We ate a lot too.

I reckon I will have put weight on this weekend.

It was a great day tho.

Friday, 5 April 2013

April 4 2013

We went to Scotland today. I get to visit my good friend and stay with her for the weekend.

Up early and quick flight and we are in Scotland getting wrapped up in hugs and kisses and catching up.

A nice long walk along the Forth and lunch in a fancy restaurant and home in time for a wee lie down for R!

Then up, a walk before dinner.

Then a whole load of chatting and eating Krispy Kreme donuts until bedtime.

What a day!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

April 3 2013

Ever realise just how lucky u are? Ever just sit and wonder what u did to get this lucky? Lately that's what I have been doing.

Baby girl is great. She grew up good. She has a good head on her shoulders. She is kind. She is polite and she cares. I did good with that one. :-) I am proud of her.

R I picked. And he picked me. And we are so well matched its unbelievable. I wrote a list years ago of my perfect man.
In no particular order:
Is proud of me
Introduces me to his friends
Holds my hand in public
Is honest and truthful
Nice eyes and mouth
Wants to be seen with me
Makes me laugh
Loves me

And R fills that and more

He is EVERYTHING I ever wished for and more.

Just like baby girl.

I am spoiled and I am very grateful.

Thank you.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April 2 2013

It's funny when you are going away on holiday you get so excited. There is so much to be done.

It's only a few days but so much needs to be organised beforehand.

I make lists. Lists of clothes to bring. Which day I will wear each outfit. What toiletries I need to bring. Which books I want on my book reader. Which electrical equipment I am going to bring. Which jobs I need to do in the house before I go. I can't come home to a messy house! Which shoes I will bring. Which coat I will wear.

Then I lose my lists. And panic. And cru. And huff and realise I just can't go away.

Then I relax again and just throw stuff into the bag. Then I find my list. Take everything out and realise I have packed everything I wanted to pack.

Does this sound normal to u?

Is anyone else like this?

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

April 1 2013

R was back at work today. The day was pretty long without him. Baby girl was here tho. Yay! I miss her when she's not home so it's always good when she is about.

I walked into the town today and walked about the shops for a couple of hours. The gym hasn't been open the past couple of days and I am missing exercising. I never thought I would see the day when I would say that.

It was April Fools Day and Easter Monday today. In the past on Easter Monday my family and my cousins and aunts would meet up and have a picnic and roll eggs. I miss those traditions. :-(

Do u have traditions for Easter?