Sunday, 31 March 2013

March 31 2013

R was off again. Yay.

Baby girl finally came home. Hungover. Unable to even function. She has been in bed since lunchtime.

Me and R tidied up. I got three loads of washing done. We watched TV. That was about it. It was a good day. I am wrecked today tho.

It's only ten thirty but I think I might go to bed.

Is that early for u? Or do u go to bed early? I usually go at midnight. Maybe a little later at weekends.

R has work tomoro. Boo. Hiss.

I am gonna go meet my friend for lunch tho. So that will be fun.

March 30 2013

R was off work today. On a Saturday. All day.

Now I don't know if u realise just how much of a rare thing that is. He works in retail (fancy way of saying he works in a shop). And so that means he usually works weekends. And holidays. Cos, you know, we all like to go shopping on those days and someone has got to work in the shops.

But he was off today. So I got to spend the whole day with my husband. It was luvly. We slept in. Ate breakfast together. Did a few chores around the house. Visited his parents. Came home. Had Indian for dinner. Watched Dr Who and Australian Masterchef on TV. Then went to bed. I think the only time we had apart was when one of us went to the loo. :-)

I luved every minute of it.

He is off again tomoro. :-)

Happy Easter.

Friday, 29 March 2013

March 29 2013

It's still so bloody cold here. I know compared to lots of other places its not that bad, but I want a bit of sunshine and warmth. *stamps feet*

It's Good Friday. Where is Spring?

I am trying so hard not to open my Easter egg. The chocolate is calling me. Have u resisted it or have u given in to the chocolate?

I am drinking wine and watching Masterchef New Zealand. It won't be too long before I give in to the chocolate!

March 28 2013

I got my assignment in. Not sure how good it is. But I did it.

I got new contact lens today. Slightly different prescription but no big change. It's nice not to have to wear glasses all the time. Do u wear glasses or lens? Which do u prefer? My glasses are pretty cool. They are purple and chunky and funky. But I prefer to wear lens.

I went to the gym again too. I am trying to regain the motivation I lost. Did u find it? Still at least I am still going. That's three months now. That's really good going for me! Especially as it started as a kind of New Year resolution thing.

I suppose this has been going just as long. My #365 project is going strong!

Did u try a #365 project?

How is it going?

Baby girl is still at her cousins house. I miss her :-(

Thursday, 28 March 2013

March 27 2013

Do u procrastinate? Or are u one of those that gets things done when they come in?

I am the former. I leave things to the last minute. For example I have an essay due in tomoro. I wrote about half of it today. I meant to do some more when I came home from work, but I decided to watch TV instead.

I wish I worked better.

I want to be one of those who work well to deadlines, priotising, making and sticking to plans and getting things done in time.

But I am so not. My nephew laughed at me yesterday and told me I will never grow up. It's true. I have never wanted to be grown up. Grown ups are boring.

However, today was a good day.

I went to the gym and got weighed and measured. I lost another couple of pounds and an inch and a half. That's pretty good.

Tho, the gym is going to have a 'Biggest Loser' competition. I have entered. I want to win. Please help me. Encourage me. Send me recipes and ideas for keeping active.

Thank you

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

March 26 2013

It is payday today. Whoop whoop.

We went shopping. Baby girl got new clothes and a pair of boots.

Then we went for dinner. Boy is still at our house.

Then me and boy went to the cinema and watched 'Stolen'. Not sure about it. It was good. But not brilliant.

We walked home. Watched a bit of TV. Then R came home. He has been working late these past few nights. I feel like I haven't seen him.

Is it sad I miss my husband when he works late? I miss baby girl when she's not here too. I must love them or something ;-)

We are all in bed now. It's after midnight. I am tired but can't sleep. I suppose that's a good thing. I get to write this. :-)

I still don't think I have found my voice on here. I am not sure what I want to write about, how much I want to share, whether or not anyone is actually reading and if they aren't, do I care about that?

I read a few blogs and my favourite ones are people based, they talk about their lives. I like the pretty pictures but they aren't the ones I go to first, so if I am to be the kind of blog I would want to read I should share a little more of my life and feelings.

But do I want to? Does anyone care?

Monday, 25 March 2013

March 25 2013

My soup that I made last night didn't really turn out luvly. It was okay. It was tasty. But it wasn't luvly.

On the other hand baby girl made banana bread. Oh. My. Goodness. That was scrummy.

I am a happy chappy.

Now all we need is for the snow to go away.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

March 24 2013

The snow is still here. :-(

Baby girl and boy got home from her dads house safely. R has went to work. At night. :-( Not happy.

We watched Finding Nemo. It's so funny. I laughed my ass off at Dory. She is hilariously funny.

But today we went to tesco. And I made honey and mustard chicken for dinner. And I am making veg soup for dinner for tomoro night.

I have kinda made it up. Chicken stock, carrot, onion, potato, tomato, garlic and oregano. Not sure how it will turn out but it won't be gross. And it will be healthy. :-)

March 23 2013

Yet another snow day.

R couldn't get to work. It was kinda great. Baby girls dad came and took her and boy to his house. Me and R tidied the house. Then I lit the fire. He went out for a chippy for dinner and we cosied up on the sofa and watched Breaking Dawn part one and two.

R is watching Smurfs now. I think I will go to sleep.

I hope ur day has been a great one.

Mine was brilliant.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

March 22 2013


I am over it

It is Spring so where is the Spring weather?

It's been snowing for 24 hours or more now. It's really not good.

R had to go after work and collect baby girl. Well I say collect, I mean rescue. We took boy up to our house too.

R got home and said the car is busy. Great! More money!

But, you know, we have a wee bit of money. It should be okay.

Now all we need is for the snow to go away.

Friday, 22 March 2013

March 21 2013

Another day another dollar

Work, home, work, gym, work, home

Is this all there is to life?

I am not really complaining, afterall I am going away soon. But still where's all the excitement?

I did nothing today. I went to work. Baby girl rang to say she was going to stay in her cousins. I went home. I made toast. I watched TV. R came home. We went to bed to watch Dr Who.

It wasn't a bad day. It was an ordinary day.

Ordinary is good.

Just a bit boring.

But boring is better than terrible. My family is healthy and happy. I am grateful.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

March 20 2013

Today at lunch with my husband he asked if I wanted to go see my sister from another mister in Scotland. Obviously I said yes. I haven't seen her in a year.

So I rang her, checked we could stay, and booked flights.

We go in a fortnight and will stay for three days.

I am so freakin excited.


She gives the best hugs.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

March 19 2013

I got out of work early today and went to the local tech to get my nails done. They were raising money for breast cancer. That's a great cause. So I was happy to get my nails painted pink and donate a tenner for it. We should all do what we can to help those less fortunate.

I came home and baby girl made dinner.

So yeah it was a great day.

Monday, 18 March 2013

March 18 2013

I was off work today. It was nice. However I got bored so quickly.

So I went to have a pedicure. It was great. I have purple toe nails now.

Then I went to the gym. Zumba and aerobics. Boy I am wrecked. My arms feel like they are gonna fall off.

Home now and watching Masterchef Australia.


What a day!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

March 17 2013

Happy St Patricks Day.

I hope you drowned ur shamrock.

We didn't do much today. I went to the gym this morning. We left baby girl up to my sisters house so she could have a drink. We went to visit R's mum and dad. We came home, lit the fire, had dinner then watched Got To Dance. Lukas won. Woohoo. Then we watched Hansel and Gretel.

Then it was bedtime. :-)

March 16 2013

An ordinary day. It's harder to find the great and the good in the ordinary. But why should it be harder? Why do we need the extraordinary to be great? Why can't the perfectly ordinary be amazing?

I went into town and met a friend. We went to the cinema and saw Identity Thief. I came home, we had a chippy for dinner. We watched TV. Then we went to bed.

Yes it was an ordinary day.

Yes it was great.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

March 15 2013

The ballet

Have you ever been?

We went to see Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty. WOW. I was speechless throughout the show. The dancers were amazing. The set was amazing. The music was amazing. It gave me goosebumps.

I highly recommend that if you get a chance you go see it.

Yes it is contemporary. Yes it is dark and Gothic. Yes there are vampires. Of sorts. But yes it was one of the best things I have ever seen.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

March 14 2013

I'd love to tell you

I saw this idea on Nadine's blog and loved it, so what would I love to tell you....

I'd love to say that I am actually saving to go away to New Zealand next year. But I haven't really started.  I think it is because baby girl doesn't want to go, and I don't want to leave her.

I'd love to say that I was committed to getting fit and losing weight. But I like my food too much, and basically I am too lazy to go to the gym all the time.  However, the slower it comes off the longer it stays off...isn't that right??

I'd love to say that I read really good books, and that they are intellectual and highbrow.  But I love trashy detective novels, thrillers and books with death.  And I am proud of that.

I'd love to say that my family isn't weird. But I am VERY PROUD that we are, very very weird.  And that's the way I like them.

I'd love to say that I work really hard when I am at work and never go online. But I am at work now, posting this, so that would be a lie.

I'd love to say that I don't read a lot of blogs. But I do, and I will continue to.

What would you love to say??

March 13 2013

Hi all,

I went to see Oz today, have you seen it yet?  Me and a friend went to see it in 3D and I highly recommend it.  It was funny, a little scary and the 3D effects were AMAZING!!

Beforehand we went out for dinner.  I had garlic bread to start, then enchilados, then cheescake for afters, yummy.  She had chicken wings to start, the spaghetti bolognaise, then chocolate cake.  Neither of us actually ate our afters, but brought them home with us.

After the movie we went to a local bar for a drink, and then we were home for ten!  My kind of night!!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

March 12 2013

Work is starting to settle down a bit now, which is always good. It's kinda hectic but normal hectic.

Home, well home is great. I love my home life. Baby girl is funny, kind, and a total babe. R is amazing. I count my blessings everyday having those two in my life.

I still haven't made it back to the gym since I hurt myself. I really need to go soon. Chocolate is calling me. That's never a good thing.

Monday, 11 March 2013

March 11 2013

I bought new curtains for baby girls room today. And a new curtain pole. The pole is white with swirly end pieces and the curtains are purple. She is staying at her dads house so she hasn't seen them yet. I am excited to find out what she thinks.

R put them up. He is a great husband, sometimes, for doing stuff like this.

I was at work today. It was okay, busy, but okay.

Me and R are watching Dr Who again.

How do you relax at night?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

March 10 2013

Another day helping with the move.

It's Mother's Day here. Baby girl made me breakfast, bacon and toast. It was scrummy.

As I said we were then out all day helping with the move. It went well. Everything got moved into the new house. Baby girl even got a new wardrobe! A luvly purple one.

It was after seven before we got home. R did the dishes, I made dinner, we watched an episode of Greys Anatomy. I had a shower. Now it's time for bed.

Dr Who on the DVD player, R sleeping beside me.

Night night.

March 9 2013

Today it is boy's birthday. 14 today. Happy bday boy.

R's mum and dad are moving so we have been helping. R is wrecked from it all, nobody is letting me help too much cos of me being sick the other day. But that's ok. :-)

Hope ur day is a good one.

Friday, 8 March 2013

March 8 2013

In being sick I have learned something about myself. I do not make a good patient. I like to be in control. I like being the one in charge. I can do a great caring role, but really can't be the one getting cared for.

I also get really quiet when I am sick. I just answer in monosyllables. Not good!

I am feeling much better today tho. And I am talking to R again. Which is good for our relationship. It's not that we weren't talking its just that I was being all quiet.

Between yesterday and today I read four books.

How was ur Friday?

Thursday, 7 March 2013

March 7 2013

It's hard to think of something good that happened today.

I don't know what happened but at 5am I woke up in pain just under my rib cage. At 7am I started being sick. I stopped being sick 12 hours later. I am still in pain.

R wants to take me to A&E or the out of hours GP but I am gonna try and hold off til tomoro at least. Maybe I just pulled a muscle last night at the gym.

In all that's happened R has been a wee pet. Fetching me hot water bottles and fresh water and a basin.

I did good marrying him!

March 6 2013

I was at the gym again today. I haven't been since Saturday. I could tell by how hard it was to do stuff! Not a good thing at all.

We did Zumba then tabata circuits. That was a TOUGH class! Circuits on a 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, repeat four times then change kinda thing!

Really not sure I wanna go back next week. But I probably will. I want this. I want to be fit.

But not enough to give up nice food. R went to the shop and bought me cream buns when he got home from archery. I am spoiled. :-)

Baby girl made dinner too.

Today was a great day.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

March 5 2013

We had a great night.

We had a family together night. We always eat dinner together anyway. But tonight we had dinner together, then watched TV and movies together.

It was great.

Sorry it's a short post.

Will try better tomoro. :-)

Monday, 4 March 2013

March 4 2013

We went to see The Script tonight. In case you haven't heard them, they are a Dublin based band. They are kinda great!

This is the third time I have seen them, and everytime they have been great.

It's always good to see a live band. But to see a live band play to an audience who clearly love them is brilliant. Every song they sung the crowd sang back at them.

They stopped singing and the audience sang on. You could see that it was affecting The Script too. The look on their faces as the crowd sang their songs at them was amazing.

Which bands have you seen live?

March 3 2013

It was a lovely day today so me and R decided to go for a walk.  We got our hiking boots on and drove to Divis Mountain. 

Getting there, after calling at the shop for emergency provisions of chocolate and fruit loaf, it was a clear and slightly chilly day.  There was a tarmaced path (always handy) and quite a lot of people about.

There were also three horses running along the path, not in the field, but actually on the path we needed to walk on.  I hold me hands up, I was nervous.  Horses are BIG!!!

But we managed to walk past them without incident.  We got about half to two thirds of the way up the mountain when it was time to turn back and come back down, about 40 mins walk up and then it took about 30 mins walking back down.

However on the way down the horses weren't quite as docile.  There were a few more dogs running around barking and I think the horses got spooked.  Just as we were getting to the gate to leave the nature resrve and go back to the car park a little Cocker Spaniel ran barking under the feet of the horses, and got a kick to the mouth.  Needless to say all the people around were shocked, mothers turned back out of the gate with their children and I think even the horse was shocked, he kept looking at the wee dog as it lay on the ground with blood coming out of its mouth.  The owner cleaned it up, we gave him some water and left, slightly shaken.  The owner came out just after us, stating his dog was okay, but he wasn't going to walk him there today.

I think that if the horses hadn't been there it would have been a nice walk, but that shook me.

We will probably go again tho.  I think that the views from the top would be AMAZING.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

March 2 2013

My knees are sore. I think I have been hitting the gym a bit too hard. Oh well.

Baby girl is away again tonight. :-(. I still miss her.

R was out for some work thing. He went to the dog track. He had fun.

I bought a couple of tops. I went to the gym. I came home. I watched TV. Nothing much else happened.

We watched Jumper on TV. It's a good movie.

My day was okay. I wasn't at work which is a big positive.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

March 1 2013

Baby girl is still away. I miss her when she stays elsewhere. I don't know how patents cope when their child moves out, no matter what age!

Work was pretty bad. But I have a job. It's an okay job.

I went to the gym again. I am pretty proud in how well I have been keeping it up. :-)

I so thought I was gonna get drunk after the stresses of work, but one beer was enough for me.

R is a wee pet, he is always there for me saying the right thing and doing whatever he can to make me feel better.

I am very blessed to have him in my life.

I am very happy.

Friday, 1 March 2013

February 28 2013

Yay. Tonight I remembered!

What happened today?

It was a tough day at work. Sometimes you get days like that. They are just filled with awkward phone calls and busy work that never seems to get finished.

But I have a job. Many don't and I am grateful for that.

I went to the gym tonight. Legs, bums and tums. It's a tough class. 45 mins on the step, and off the step, and on the step. You get the gist?

Then 15 mins of core work, crunches, planks, and the like!

I don't particularly like the class. It's hard work. But if it wasn't hard it wouldn't get results.

I watched some Australian Masterchef. It made me hungry!

Then I went to bed. It's late now and I don't feel like sleeping. Baby girl is staying in S's house.

Suppose I better get some shut eye. Tomoro comes early and I think S wants to go to the gym at lunchtime tomoro.